In Sierra Leone, the prices of fuels have skyrocketed, so it is very much costly to even have a car for everyday use. The majority of the earnings of the people are spent on transportation. The rents of Public transport have also increased exponentially. All these factors are posing great problems and difficulties to the average and poor class people who now have to wait for hours to get public transport to reach their destinations.

Most people save their budget by walking their way, others who don’t have that option as their destinations are far away using public transport. The upper-class people use their cars. However, due to the high magnitude of traffic on the majority of roads, it has also become a headache for them.

Seeing and facing all these difficulties and problems, a 24-year-old student at a university in Sierra Leone decided to make a solar-powered car out of nothing more than waste and Trash. Thus, achieving the honor of being the first person to take some actions to counter these measures. The project was a complex and difficult one, but he chose to take on the challenge. After three years of hardcore work and dedication, he was finally able to see the vehicle running on the road.

The only materials used in the manufacturing of the car were only the scraps and other trash pieces that he gathered. The car turned out to be very good performing, except for the fact that it can only reach a top speed of 15km per hour as it is solar powered. He painted the car in three colors, white, green, and blue. These are the colors of the flag of his country.

Many locals have been impressed by his hard work. To them, this car is an absolute masterpiece and amazing. Since one of the main issues in Sierra Leone is the day-by-day increasing pollution, achieving the 17th rank in terms of most polluted. Not only is street pollution the only issue, many people in the country still cut down trees to use their wood alongside charcoal as fuel. Burning these in open air leads to a high amount of carbon dioxide emissions, thus increasing air pollution by a great magnitude.

Street pollution is also another main issue, as people are continuously exposed to it. Continuous exposure to such filth is also the main reason for rapidly increasing viruses and infections. These viruses cause cancer, and some of them are even fatal. The young man tried to do something to stop this issue. He did not use any other components than the scraps of Trash and old used parts so that if other companies were to acknowledge his work, they would also use Trash for manufacturing.

The aim he set in his mind was that through his vehicle, he could address the UN sustainable development to manufacture the vehicles the same way through the exposed Trash.