Government in Sierra Leone have discovered a really cool and innovative way to take care of the undisciplined drivers who are involved in tens of thousands of accidents each year. Before really being allowed to get behind the wheel, players will find themselves in sensible circumstances where the only way out would be to give the right answers to traffic law and driving queries.

The country requires would-be licensees to play a board game until they are legally allowed to drive. It can be described as a cross between Monopoly, Snakes and Ladders, as well as Scrabble. “The Driver’s Way” is not only a game, however. This parlour game aims at boosting the driver’s knowledge.

Most car accidents in Sierra Leone are due to the ignorance of the highway code. That is why they hope that the game will improve conditions in the street. Most motorists do know well half of the road signs. Many people don't like reading much, but through this attractive game, young people will be more likely to make efforts to learn. Anyone preparing to take the Real driver's license test must buy the game. There are plans for an internet version which could be used in other West African countries.

The minimum age for driving a motorcycle is 16 years in the country. People are allowed to driving a car at 18.