Image Source Suzuki Auto South Africa 

Suzuki does not stop innovating with the arrival of the new S-Cross Turbo, with a more robust, sporty, elegant design, it becomes an SUV with presence wherever you stop. Interior design live comfort behind the wheel with the stunning piano black front grille offering dynamic style. presence that immediately distinguishes the new S-CROSS. The front emblem is located within a chrome-finished bar that contains the stem of the grille.

Functional design

Brimming with vitality and total freshness, the headlights and rear combination lights each feature three LED position lights for a dynamic impression. The front position lights also function as daytime running lights. The new S-Cross surprises with a large cabin space, where passengers can enjoy any journey comfortably and safely, with a total length of 4.3m and a width of 1.7m, it provides comfort to all its occupants.


Image Source Suzuki Auto South Africa 

The new S-CROSS has technology and multimedia functions that allow your car to adapt to your digital lifestyle without taking your eyes off the road. Starting a new experience does not mean abandoning the environment around you. The all-new S-CROSS incorporates technology and multimedia features that allow your vehicle to adapt to your digital lifestyle without you having to take your eyes off the road.

The S-Cross is equipped with a state-of-the-art touch screen that adds fun to your trips. It is compatible with your smartphone, allowing you to enjoy your Spotify playlists, receive calls and use Waze without losing sight of the road.


Crew safety is a fundamental aspect of the new S-Cross, equipped with 6 SRS airbags (front, side and curtain) to help mitigate the impact in the event of a collision. The Stop&Go function accelerates and brakes so that the driver maintains a safe distance from the vehicle in front. Stop&Go can even bring the car to a complete stop when necessary, to ensure safety.

The Lane Departure Prevention system is activated once speeds exceed 65 km/h. The monocular camera detects the driving lane and can identify unintentional lane changes. If one is detected, the DSBS (Lane Keep Assist System) automatically helps the driver return to their lane using the electric power steering system.


As for the engines of the Suzuki S-Cross, it has a range made up of three different engines, two of them gasoline and one diesel. The diesel engine is a simple 1,600 cubic centimeter DDIS engine that offers an adequate 120 HP of maximum power.

Although it does not have the most powerful engine in the range, this engine demonstrates satisfactory performance and extremely moderate consumption. Regarding the variety of gasoline engines available for the Suzuki S-Cross, two options are presented: the first, a one-liter Boosterjet engine, offering a maximum power of 111 HP, marks the entry to the range. It is followed by the most powerful engine available for the Suzuki S-Cross, a 1.4 Boosterjet engine that reaches a maximum power of 140 HP.