Everyone who owns a car should perform some periodic maintenance. If you misuse your car, you will probably have to take it to repair more often. Likewise, if you drive badly, you can damage the car's components. Here are some useful tips to extend the life of your engine and car. 

Don't speed up and stop

It is true that engines were made to run, but they work much better when they work constantly. It is not good to have constant stops and starts, since the engine wears out and, in the medium term, you make it lose its proper functioning. The right thing to do would be to try to keep the speed constant to avoid that wear but you may also benefit from better gas mileage.

Try replacing the fuel filter

Many of us do not care what happens to the fuel filter, we only notice it when a strong odor starts to come out of the vehicle, which obviously tells us about problems with the gasoline. This vital element is often filled with particles or even certain impurities that affect our engine. By changing the filter, the fuel will flow cleanly and the engine will have an easier time burning fuel.

Change the headlights and wires

Here, the wires run the path from the distributor to the headlights to conduct electricity, these generate a spark that ignites the mixture of air and gasoline in the combustion chamber. The issue is that if the wires look old, the car may not start or, in many cases, the engine suffers to reach combustion. So, by changing the bulbs and the worn wires you will be allowing the electricity to move without any problem. To know more exactly, you should check your vehicle's manual.

person holding red and black handle stainless steel fork

Consider the motor belts

This is related to the type of engine you have, that is, depending on the number of belts it uses. The belts take care of the vital parts of the engine, but in each vehicle this may be different. For example, the function may vary, as the belts could be acting as a cooling system, alternator or even air conditioning. The important thing here is not to know what each one is for, but rather to see if they have a healthy appearance, without wear or cracks.

Keep the cooling system in working order

One of the best ways to prevent the engine from overheating is to take care of the coolant, which flows through the engine when the thermostat indicates that the engine is hot. So the level in the coolant tank must be adequate.