Japan exports large numbers of used vehicle to nearly all nations across the globe. It is the top manufacturer of automobiles with its market growing at a spate pace. It offers both new and used vehicles. Japan market offers vehicles of standard quality at a much economical price. It is consistent and quite flexible in its production. Importation of second-hand vehicles has been made easy and fast due to technology advancements. Presence of exporter agents and used vehicle portals has had a great impact. They help buyers with the cumbersome processes of purchasing used vehicles.

Africa is a major buyer of used vehicles from Japan. Used vehicles are imported to almost all African countries. Sierra Leone is found on the west coast of Africa. It partakes in the importation of used vehicles setting import rules for importers to ensure that the vehicle conveyed into the country complies with the safety measures of the nation. Imported cars are left-hand drive vehicles only. Authorities only make an exception for diplomats only.

Sierra Leone has no age limitation on used imported vehicles and offers no compulsory inspection. The country imports all sorts of vehicles.  Common japan manufactures found in the country are Nissan and Toyota.

Customs department levies import duties on used vehicles depending on their age. Vehicles older than ten years incur a thirty percent duty on the value of the car while those that range between four to ten years old are charged with a twenty percent import duty. Vehicles of up to four years old are imposed an import duty of five percent on the car value.

Documents required by customs for clearance are; Bill of Lading, residence permit, driving license, purchase invoice, exemption form for the diplomats, international insurance policy(green card) and the original certificate of title and registration. The importer presents the documents to customs authority for them to approve. The imported vehicle is only released if the customs are pleased that everything is in good standing.

Shipping ports found in Sierra Leone include Port of Freetown and Port of Pepel. RoRo (Roll-on, Roll-off), is the most common method of vehicle shipment in the country. However, there is container method which is expensive yet safe and is arranged upon customers request.